Cinema Book Trailers

Why A Book Trailer?

A cinematic book trailer is a self-contained video advertisement that hooks the audience on the taste of your book so that they’ll seek it out. Our goal is to create a product that engages the viewer, leaves a positive impression in their mind, and expands your readership.

Engage Your Audiences

Books today compete with movies, games, and other diversions for the audience’s time and money. To capture their attention, publishers and authors need to rise to the competition’s level. We have researched what makes a trailer compelling and developed a system of techniques designed to engage the viewer.

Leave Positive Impressions

Communicating visually can leave a strong impression quickly—be that good or bad. Our primary focus is centered on building a positive, lasting impression with your audience.

Expand Your Audience

Social media has become a powerful vehicle for distributing to audiences. Our trailers are a self-contained advertisement that perpetuates through youtube, facebook, and other social media to expand your readership.